The Costuming Mind is a documentary examining the creative processes of costumers in various genres such as living history/historical interpreters/historical re-enactors, science fiction, fantasy, anime, cosplay, and furry  participants, as well as people who make costumes as wearable art, and theatrical and film costumers. Where they get their ideas and inspirations, what their design tricks and shortcuts are, and the consideration of where a costume is to be worn or displayed factor in the process as well.


Alexander Bouchard, who earned a BA in Film from Wayne State University, is the main technical mind of the company. Writing, shooting, editing, directing, and dealing with the routines of a shoot are what his strengths are.

Megan Bouchard, whose BA is in psychology and sociology from the University of Michigan, produces, designs, nitpicks, and makes sure all the things are moving smoothly. Her people skills and sense of organization make her a key player in the organization. She is also a world-class costumer, having won major awards at both a World Science Fiction Convention and at a Costume Con, run by the International Costumers Guild.

As a company, Alexander Film Works has been consistent in its intentions... making movies that (mostly) don't suck. The way we look at it, that's the object of the exercise, when you come right down to the bottom line.

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