New Explanations About Costuming!

Have you ever wondered where people who wear elaborate, absolutely beautiful costumes get their ideas?

Or where the people who duplicate the look of a character from a television show or movie get the idea to copy or adapt the style?

Many people disparage the art of the costume, calling it “playing dress-up”, or “foolish make-believe”... but expend as much (or more) time on pursuits such as “fantasy football”, or obsessively playing or following a particular sport, or lavishing endless hours on an automobile that’s been rebuilt and reworked so many times that everyone’s lost count.

That underworked faculty of the human brain, the imagination, is as much in need of exercise as the physical body. Without imagination, where will the new and exciting discoveries of science come from? Where will the new works of art be born?

The many branches of costuming are all as much craft as they are art; knowing how to sew, using tools to construct supports and rigging for add-ons that appear to be merely floating in a two-dimensional rendering, applying lighting and sound effects mechanisms, using chemistry for dyeing materials, and adaptation of a costume idea designed for a bone-thin manga or anime model to someone of real world proportions are real-world skills that serve the costumer well – like math, science, art, history, materials science, engineering, chemistry, and so on.

There are also almost as many genres of costuming as there are costumers who want to portray them; science fiction, fantasy, horror, zombie (a sub-category of horror that has come into its own of late), steampunk (and its related field, known as dieselpunk), furry (anthropomorphic animals), recreations of movie or television costumes, adaptations of these movie or television costumes... the list goes on.

The most important reason that costuming is significant is this – it’s fun. The historical aspect is important because yesterday’s clothing is today’s costume... and today’s costume could conceivably become tomorrow’s clothing.

Celebrations of things that might have been, things that never were, and almost anything else that the imagination of man can conceive a costumer can achieve... or try to.

The creativity of costumers, on the whole, is a credit to us as a people; the trailblazers who find new ways to deal with older concepts, innovative uses for everyday materials, and a fresh way of looking at ordinary life.

We can all use that sort of thing.

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Update on 7 July 2014!

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Update on 22 August 2014!

Photos from DETCON 1, the 2014 North American Science Fiction Convention!